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Seeking: Soap Sheet Suppliers-Suds covered hands over a beige speckled sink, black wrist watch and a chrome running faucet A yet2 client seeks a supplier for solid soap sheets or paper soap that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Products manufactured in Europe or North America are preferred.


  • Manufactured in Europe or North America
  • Fast dissolving and easy to rinse off
  • Nice user experience (good lather, no sticky feeling, etc.)
  • Gentle on skin and contains moisturizing ingredients
  • Meets sustainability standards such as EU Ecolabel/Ecologo/Green Seal
  • Meets cosmetic regulations
  • 2+ year shelf life
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Sustainable packaging

Desired Outcomes of the Solution

  • White Label or Private Label manufacturing contract
  • Joint development of a soap sheet or paper soap product line


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Photo Credit: Couleur from Pixabay


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