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Unilever is seeking solutions that can deliver long lasting hygiene (LLH) benefits on different kind of surfaces such as toilets, bathrooms, floors, kitchen etc through cleaning products.  Potential approaches can be either through novel ingredients, technology, processing or by enhancing the substantivity of the existing biocides. The technology should deliver LLH across different kind of microbes namely bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. They are looking for technologies with ingredients which are biodegradable, safe to consumers and compatible across a wide pH range.

Main Requirements

  • Technology that delivers long lasting hygiene for over a week or more
  • Technologies which are effective across pH ranges is preferred. Technologies which are stable in the extreme acid (0-4) or alkaline (10-13) pH ranges will be also of interest.
  • No adverse effect on viscosity, stability, fragrance and cleaning performance of formulations
  • Technology should be applicable across different kind of microbes namely bacteria, virus, fungi, etc.

Desired Outcome

  • The desired outcome is a technology, process or ingredient that can deliver long lasting hygiene benefits through surface cleaner formulations without affecting the other formulation parameters.
  • Technologies which are commercially available or ready for commercialization.

What Were Not Interested In

  • Technologies which are toxic, carcinogenic and having adverse effects on people and environment
  • Technologies which are not biodegradable
  • Technologies with regulatory constraints

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