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We are seeking ideas and / or technologies to enable detection of non-visual indicators of poor agronomic performance.

As a leading developer and producer of seeds our research focuses on improving essential crop traits to provide better seeds to farmers. We develop crops with insect control traits and herbicide tolerance as well as those providing protection from disease and environmental challenges in order to improve farmer productivity.

Through our research, we have discovered that sometimes plants which appear to perform well in our laboratory or glasshouse testing environment, fail to live up to expectations when planted out into an open field.

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Closing date: May 31, 2024

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Shoots by Syngenta

Shoots by SyngentaTM is an invitation to the world’s brightest minds – a call for people to come together and tackle some of the world’s most complex agricultural challenges: for nature, farmers and food security.

It’s this kind of responsive network that we’re building at Syngenta, bringing together individuals and organizations with a shared goal: to feed the world while protecting the planet.

No single organization can tackle this alone, so help us accelerate agricultural innovation through collaboration.

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