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PepsiCo Seeking: Tech for Improving Mechanical rPET Quality-Image of the tops of bottles with all blue caps except a single red cap.

PepsiCo is seeking solutions to minimize quality and aesthetic challenges of increased recycled recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (rPET) content in packaging, allowing for reduced use of virgin polyethylene tetraphyte (PET) and lower packaging greenhouse gases (GHG).

Solution Requirements


  • Properties
    • Methodologies to sequester metal contaminants (like Fe), reducing side-reactions and color
    • Counteract aesthetic challenges from higher use of rPET including yellowing or tinting and black specs
    • Decontamination technologies that reduce excessive heating
    • Potential technologies for eliminating one melt step (flake to preform)
    • Reduced GHG preferred
  • Packaging Forms – Water, CSD, hot fill, and aseptic
  • Usage Occasion – Extend higher rPET content in packaging from 33% and higher
  • Organoleptic Properties – No adverse effect to product (appearance, taste, flavor)
  • Capabilities
    • Pilot Capabilities with the ability to create physical samples from concept creation.
    • Commercial Capabilities
  • Durability & Handling
    • Packaging should be able to withstand the manufacturing process, warehousing, and distribution.
  • Performance Requirement
    • Run seamlessly on high-speed blow molding lines
    • Acceptable aesthetics for 100% brands
    • Should develop standardized plaque specifications for rPET color using 3mm plaques (we use a patchwork of wall color and preform color)
    • Low NIAS, as in benzene, BPA.
    • Relax rPET AA levels specification to <5ppm


  • Improved color and aesthetics by reducing the number of melt histories
  • Technology pathways that go from flake to preform
  • 100% perform inspection systems to maximize bottle yield


Preferred Collaboration Types

Collaboration types are to be negotiated and PepsiCo will consider solutions from early-stage ideas to commercially ready technologies.


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Photo Credit: Willfried Wende from Pixabay

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