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PepsiCo is seeking technologies to reduce GHGs in all aspects of the supply chain and manufacturing process.  Solutions may be in one or more of the following areas:

  • Agriculture – sustainable farming and the reduction of GHG intensive fertilizers
  • Manufacturing – adopting energy efficient manufacturing processes; novel methods for utilizing waste; use of renewable thermal energy at scale
  • Packaging – alternative packaging materials and formats that reduce GHGs
  • Distribution – technologies to assist in the efficiency of our company-owned and third party fleet


PepsiCo is committed to reducing GHG emissions from seed to shelf.  We are looking to engage with partners who can assist us in our goal of reducing GHG 20% by 2030 and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.  As new technologies emerge, efficiencies will be gained and PepsiCo aims to remain at the forefront of best practices in the food and beverage industry.

Key Success Criteria

Must haves:

  • Demonstrate a measurable and positive impact on GHG emissions and identify how this is achieved
  • Technologies must be applicable to the food industry.
  • Experience with a global food and beverage company is not necessary but proof of concept from pilot plants is required.

Nice to have:

Commercial ready solution that does not affect current production

Success Criteria

Reduction in GHG in the supply chain and manufacturing process while maintaining current production levels,

The ability to integrate the solution into PepsiCo’s supply chain.

Areas Not of Interest

Established and known technologies are not of interest as PepsiCo already has supply relationships

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