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This project is no longer open for submission


A yet2 client is seeking partners to provide sugar processing services, in particular the extraction of sugars from fruit juice. The primary sugars comprising this fruit juice are glucose and fructose. yet2’s client would like both of these sugars to be processed to either a crystalline or anhydrous state.

Whilst many companies can supply glucose and fructose, most use their own feedstock as a starting material. However, yet2’s client is seeking companies that have the capacity and willingness to process the sugars from fruit juice supplied by said client.


Companies should:

  • Be capable of producing fructose and glucose from alternative feedstock (e.g. fruit juice rather than beet sugar).
  • Have mid-scale processing capacity:  5 – 50 MT/batch of crystalline or anhydrous sugars
  • Be willing to process feedstock from an external source

Possible Solution Areas:

  • Companies with fruit sugar processing capabilities.
  • Novel sugar extraction, crystallization and/or drying methods.

Desired outcome of the solution:

To form partnerships with companies capable of mid-scale sugar processing.

Desired time frame:

As soon as possible

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