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New custom-composite material makes O-rings, gaskets, and seals that survive simultaneous and cycling of extremely high-pressures, high-temperatures, and exposure to harsh chemicals and solvents

Baker Hughes is seeking companies interested in commercializing ExPhite™, its new custom-engineered composite material. ExPhite composite is intended for sealing applications where the operating conditions are high temperature (500°F – 1000°F) and high pressure (>1000 psi), and where resistance to harsh chemicals and solvents may be required.

The material exhibits high strength and effective elasticity, even in HTHP conditions. It offers excellent thermal and chemical stability, and can be self-lubricating in dynamic seal applications. ExPhite composite consists of thermally and chemically stable micrograins that form the matrix, with a non-organic binder that dramatically improves the mechanical strength of the final material. Nanopores within the interlocking micrograins provide elasticity.

Benefits Summary

  • Opens a variety of new markets and applications in sealing under extreme production and manufacturing environments.
  • Physical properties: working temperatures to 1000 F; withstands compression of 15KSI or higher; deformation strain to 60%; hostile gas tolerance: H2S, CO2, H2O, SO2, H2; and corrosion fluid resistance to acid pH <4, KCl, drilling fluid, and other formation fluids, hydrocarbons, and substances.
  • Available in two forms: machinable block and sinterable powder. more

Development Summary:

ExPhite composite has been tested successfully downhole oil field applications and is under evaluation for use in O-rings, seals, or packing that can withstand high pressure, high temperature, and hostile environments.

IP Summary:

This technology is supported by 16 US patents.

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