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yet2’s client is seeking organizations that can carry out fractional distillation on their behalf for the production of C4 – C8 materials such as paraffins, iso-paraffins and aromatics. The client is seeking to process intermediate volumes of material, larger than lab/pilot samples but not to the scale of industrial production.


Background to the requirement:

Our client is a chemicals company producing a range of high value, specialized products in relatively low volumes. It is seeking suppliers who can process sustainable feedstocks. The challenge is finding suppliers able to offer “light end” fractional distillation capability combined with the modest volumes required.



  • Able to process volumes of the required product in the range: 1000 – 2000 m3/year
  • Must have the capabilities to distill materials in the C4 – C8 range.
  • Must be able to offer a standalone process for client; input material cannot be co-mixed with other materials and run through the plant.
  • Organizations would ideally have relevant GHG certification.
  • Should have capacity available in the near term (Q2 2024).
  • Production will, ideally, be based in Europe but organizations in North America will be considered.


Desired outcome of the solution:

Seeking immediate engagement with potential service providers.


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Image by Hans Reniers on Unsplash

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