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A pharmaceutical manufacturer in Asia wants to diversify their supply of Diphenhydramine (CAS: 58-73-1) and has decided to seek a new supplier.



  • Pharmaceutical grade
    • Delivery form: liquid
    • Purity: ≧96.0%
    • Benzhydrol: ≦0.020 g/1.0 g
    • Heavy metal content: ≦20ppm
    • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is necessary
  • Able to supply 300-700 kilograms per year
  • It is desirable to have the prospect of continuous supply



  • Product supply


Requested Information:

  • Quality: (please describe the purity, grade, etc.)
  • GMP: (please describe GMP compliant or not)
  • Price: (please provide approximate price, if any)
  • Supply volume per year: (please provide approximate volume)
  • Lead time: (Please indicate approximate date of availability)
  • Continuous supply: (Please indicate the possibility of continuous supply)


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Image by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

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