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A pharmaceutical manufacturer in Asia wants to diversify its supplier of N-Vanillylnonanamide (CAS: 2444-46-4) and has decided to seek a new supplier.


  • Pharmaceutical grade
    • Delivery form: powder
    • Melting Point: 52-62°C
    • Purity: ≧95.0%
    • Heavy metal content: ≦10ppm
    • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is necessary
  • Able to supply at least several tens of kilograms per year
  • It is desirable to have the prospect of continuous supply


Requested Information:

  1. Quality (i.e., purity, grade, etc)
  2. GMP
  3. Price
  4. Supply volume per year
  5. Lead time
  6. Continuous supply



  • Product supply


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