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A yet2 client is seeking recycling technologies to enable full circularity (or as close as possible to full circularity) of the plastics life cycle with a specific focus on the flexible film format.


The various forms of chemical recycling are believed to be the most promising for the future. This is due to their ability to recycle plastics back to individual monomers and allow recycled content in flexible food contact applications.

However, the biggest challenge to most of these technologies is that they must be better than existing recycling technologies in all aspects. That is, they cannot require high amounts of energy to convert the plastics and nullify the reason for recycling, and they cannot use processes that are detrimental to the environment through harmful chemicals, etc.


Solution must unlock the full circularity (or as close as possible to full circularity) of flexible plastics.

  • Solutions must enable recycled plastics to be used as food grade flexible plastics.
  • Solution must not have major environmental downsides.
  • All stages of development will be considered however preference is for solutions at later stages of development.


Possible Solution Areas

  • Chemical recycling
  • Mechanical recycling


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Looking for recycling technologies preferably at later development stages, and open to different types of collaborations or partnerships to enable full circularity of plastics.

Field of Use and Intended Applications

Recycling technologies to enable recycled content for food contact applications.

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