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Today, technology that can measure whole body energy consumption along with muscle activity exists. The principle of such technology is to measure RER (respiratory exchange ratio) in exhaled gas, but the technology cannot measure site-specific (e.g. forearm or thigh) energy consumption.

The Suntory Global Innovation Center, which is in charge of basic research at the Suntory Group, is looking for technology that can measure energy consumption at specific sites (for example, active muscles in the thigh) before and after activities such as weight-bearing exercise over time.

They would like to purchase such equipment (including prototypes) from the organization developing such measurement equipment.


  • The technology should be applicable for humans.
  • The methods should be non-invasive or minimally invasive (e.g. sampling of saliva, exhaled breath, blood or urine)
  • The solutions should be able to evaluate the amount of active energy consumption in the muscle of the specific part of the body over time.
  • Prototype (or something similar) required
  • The equipment can be used for human clinical trials in Japan

It is desirable that the measurement technology be verified by human testing.  However, even without such testing, if the technology meets the above restrictions, the proposal will be considered for evaluation.

Possible solution areas:

  • Medical and healthcare equipment
  • Measurement technology using near infrared rays, ultrasonic waves, etc.

Desired Timeframe:

Within 6 months

Field of use and intended applications:

Human clinical trials in the healthcare field, etc.

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