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A yet2 client is seeking concepts or technologies for microbial management in industrial water systems that are both effective and safe/environmentally friendly.



Broad-spectrum microbial control technologies biocides are used to manage microbial contamination in both industrial and institutional environments. Traditional biocides are effective but can present several environmental and human health risks, and on-site safety and handling concerns, such as odor, operator exposure, spills, and footprint. The goal of this request is to identify concepts or technology(ies) for microbial management in industrial water systems in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.


Technologies in scope:

A range of solutions are in scope, including but not limited to chemical, non-chemical, mechanical, onsite generation, or a combination, etc.


Key Success Criteria:

Solutions must:

  • have a favorable environmental risk profile
  • exert minimal human health risk, as noted via risk assessments and on SDS


Ideal performance criteria:

Solutions will ideally:

  • be broad spectrum in activity (bacteria, biofilms, fungi, algae, spores, etc.)
  • exhibit compatibility with the water system and other water treatment technologies
  • the technology, and produced disinfection by-products, are neutralizable, if needed
  • be effective in wide range of water conditions (e.g., hard; soft; pH 4-10, preferred 7-10; etc.)
  • provide fast kill
  • be effective in temperatures up to 50ºC
  • be monitorable; have the potential to be able to prove outcomes


Desired Outcome of Solution:

Partnership type is flexible but will ideally result in exclusive access to the next-generation of antimicrobial technology for industrial water treatment.


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