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Seeking: High Throughput Lab Services for Formulation Prototyping-Image of makeup palette

This yet2 client is seeking high throughput prototype formulation services for beauty and personal care development efforts. Facilities in the US, India, and the UK are the priority for this search, but facilities in other regions will also be considered.



  • Rapid production of lab-scale samples: able to deliver a series of 100 different prototype formulations, with compositions specified by the client, in less than 2 months, ideally with sophisticated data collection and assessment, characterization of samples, and technical report
  • Minimum amount of each prototype needed is approximately 60 grams
  • High reproducibility and accuracy of prototype production and testing
  • Able to process viscous liquids and high-solids contents, across a wide range of material properties
  • Formulation facilities in the US, India, or the UK/EU


  • Less than 2-3 week turn-around for prototype production, assessment/characterization, and technical report
  • Able to deliver 200 discrete prototypes as small as 50 grams each
  • Automation is preferred but manual production is in scope if it can deliver with the same time frame, accuracy, and reproducibility
  • Able to characterize each final prototype, collect process data such as temperature or other parameters vs time, present formulation study to client stakeholders
  • Familiarity/know how with personal care industry

Desired Outcome of the Solution

Contracts with high throughput lab services in various key regions worldwide.

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