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A yet2 client is looking for smart devices capable of releasing an agent that masks, neutralizes, or eliminates fresh fecal waste odors after a cat defecates and leaves a litterbox – all without disturbing the cat with noise or an obtrusive spray.


Cat fecal odors that linger can be a nuisance for homeowners. Even if inhabitants become so accustomed to the odors that they no longer notice them, guests and potential buyers will.

When it comes to cat odor concerns, the litter box is most likely the source. The majority of pet owners have been using conventional approaches such as daily scooping, litter box replacement, and scouring with cleaning solutions to eliminate odors. Our client is attempting to enhance the pet owner’s experience by developing new technology that will make addressing cat odor as easy and pleasant as possible.



Must Haves

  • Detect when cat comes in and out of the litter box
  • Dispense odor-neutralizing technology when cat leaves litterbox
  • Ability to house odor-neutralizing technology in a refillable format
  • Battery operated w/ low battery indicator
  • On/off switch
  • Safe for use among pets
  • Does not cause pet any distress via sound (below 20 dB), light, motion
  • Appropriate coverage (litter box & immediate vicinity)
  • Maximum Dimensions TBD but small i.e., size of an iPhone or smaller preferred
  • Ability to manufacture & scale up


Nice to Haves

  • Small enough to attach to side of litterbox
  • Odor Neutralizing technology (e.g., ionization, ozone, scent)
  • Compatibility with IOS or Android devices
  • Ability to collect metrics on cat behavior
  • Consumer-friendly, easy to set up and use (not complex)


Desired outcome of the solution:

Client is open to many different collaboration types – exclusivity, licensing, ownership, acquisition etc.

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Photo by Cong H on Unsplash

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