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We are seeking a sensor or technique that can measure muscle fatigue in a person.  The method must be able to measure this in real time and not contact the person with an obvious or intrusive sensor, therefore remote sensing is preferred.  There must be sufficient resolution of the signal to identify the areas of the body that are affected.


A seated person will experience discomfort when seated for extended periods of time, with muscle fatigue a key input to this especially in areas contacting seating surface. Current state of the art methods use sensor contact to the skin to measure muscle activity, which is impractical and not user-friendly.  A non-invasive, none contact method is desired.


  • Sensing material must be flexible in thicknesses <1mm, capable of incorporation into a seat.
  • If the sensor can measure from further away (>20mm) then a more rigid sensor may be acceptable.
  • Non-invasive and non-contact

Possible solution areas:

  • Diagnostic/medical solutions
  • Image analysis

Desired outcome of the solution:

Proposal of a simple low-cost muscle fatigue measurement device, with small packaging requirements.

Field of use and intended applications:


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