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A yet2 client is seeking new materials and suppliers of proteins that are suitable for the replacement of conventional fish products. The material must replicate the flakey texture of fish as well as be clean label and vegan. Solutions that replicate the colour of white fish are of high interest.


Consumer demand for alternative protein sources is increasing. This is driven by a variety of motivations including health benefits, environmental benefits, concerns for animal welfare, economic concerns, and future global resource concerns.

Fish has recently become the new focus for the expanding alternative protein market. However, the ideal replacement needs to overcome multiple challenges including taste, texture, and colour with the use of clean label ingredients.


Materials should be:

  • Clean label
  • Protein alternatives that are neutral in taste
  • Vegan
  • Flakey texture
  • Mimic the colour of white fish
  • Commercially available or have the ability to manufacture/supply large quantities of the product


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Plant-based protein alternatives
  • Lab grown ‘clean meat’ technologies
  • Platform technologies to improve texture or taste
  • Neutral ingredients to boost protein content of known products
  • Novel protein sources


Desired outcome of the solution

Open to a variety of partnership avenues including: Supplier, collaboration, etc.

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