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This project is no longer open for submissions.


We are seeking to either drastically reduce the heavy rare-earths (HRE) in high-temperature permanent magnets (e.g. Nd-Fe-B) or to totally replace rare-earth magnets by other means, while maintaining comparable or improved coercivity and magnetization.


Permanent magnets are particularly crucial within the rapidly-developing e-mobility sector, where the motors for electric vehicles require strong magnets with the ability to operate at temperatures above 150°C. To achieve high temperature stability, rare earth elements are often used. It would be advantageous to find replacements.


  • High temperature stability above 150C
  • Low cost material approach
  • Good magnetic characteristics, comparable to Neodymium (Nd-Fe-B)

Possible solution areas:

  • Materials science
  • Motor and magnet research

Desired outcome of the solution:

Proposal of material that can act as a direct replacement for rare earth materials in electric motors.

Field of use and intended applications:

Vehicle industry.

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