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A yet2 client is seeking disposable pumping technologies to fit into their system design (please see Schematic Diagram below). The pump will drive water from a vented reservoir at an initial pressure of 1000mbar following a continuous pressure of 359mbar, through a ‘Y branch’ connector. The pump will be able to reversibly/bi-directionally supply and retract the water through each of the two connector channels independently where one channel may be used whilst the other remains closed.


The pump technology will be used to pump water into two separate cavities, the application will require an accurate and efficient flow rate, where a reliable volumetric flow rate or at least a way of calculating it are desirable. A pump which can detect various pressure changes either brought about by blockages or maximum capacity of cavity being reached are of high interest.

Please see Schematic Diagram below

(technology desired will sit in the green dotted box)

diagram of needed bi-directional pumping technologies

Possible Solution Areas

  • Disposable Gear pumps
  • Disposable Peristaltic pumps
  • Pumps for food and beverage applications
  • Pump devices with easy to clean design


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Technologies and/or partners with solutions that are commercially developed are of highest interest. Open to a variety of partnership avenues with technology suppliers who have manufacturing capabilities being preferred.

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