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A yet2 client is seeking methods of polymer welding that can reduce cycle times when compared to welding technologies such as heated tool butt welding (butt fusion welding) and electrofusion welding.


Lengths of thermoplastic polymer material are fabricated and subsequently joined via welding in a serial production process, and as such the cycle time of existing polymer welding technologies constrain production speeds. The welding of polymers to themselves, other polymers, or metallic materials are also sought.


  • Polymer materials – PE100, PERT, PA12, PVDF, PEEK, PTFE
  • Polymer thickness – 5mm to 30mm (options only covering part of this range are acceptable)
  • Ideal Cycle Time – less than 10 minutes.

Desired outcome of the solution:

Identification of a partner providing a welding technology that is compatible with current materials and processes in use.

Previously attempted solutions:

Both heated tool butt welding (butt fusion welding) and electrofusion welding are currently used processes, and so a non-innovative implementation of these will not be considered.

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