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A yet2 client is seeking technologies to reduce the emission of CO2 from a ship by finding an onboard method to capture the carbon from the fuel or from the engine’s exhaust following combustion.


The vast majority of ships of today are propelled by means of diesel internal combustion engines using petroleum fossil fuel oil.

In April 2018 IMO (the UN body for maritime activities) adopted a GHG (Green House Gas) Initial Strategy for the international shipping with the objective implicating a dramatic 50% reduction of GHG (read CO2) emissions until 2050 compared to the emission level 2008.


  • The technology will be installed on a ship and therefore will need to address the following challenges:
    • Temporarily store the captured carbon onboard while ship is in transit
    • Energy efficiency
    • Limited space
  • Technologies should also be:
    • Cost efficient
  • Open to all stages of development from research level to commercially available


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Carbon capture technologies
  • Fuel Treatments

Desired outcome of the solution:

Looking for existing methods, methods under development and/or partners who are developing or producing the technology.

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