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We are looking for high power density electric motor technology for high voltage (48V or other) systems. High power density is defined as:

  • Peak Power Density (20 secs at 90C ambient temperature) – For 48V >5kW/kg, for high voltage >10kW/kg
  • Continuous power density (20 secs at 90C ambient temperature) – 48V >1kW/kg, high voltage >2kW/kg)


Current spatial constraints combined with more energy intensive operations mean electric motors benefit from higher power densities. Possible approaches could bring improvements in power density by innovative structural designs, advanced cooling techniques or light-weighting with novel materials.


  • Operational temperature limit -40°C – 150°C
  • Peak power density (20sec) @ 90°C ambient temperature (48V > 5kW/kg, HV > 10kW/kg)
  • Continuous power density (20sec) @ 90°C ambient temperature (48V > 1kW/kg, HV > 2kW/kg)t
  • Total mass of e-motor (rotor, stator, and housing) without inverter should be used for power density calculation.

Possible solution areas:

  • Materials and structural improvements
  • Lightweighting technologies
  • Advanced cooling techniques
  • Novel electric motor technologies

Desired outcome of the solution:

A technology that can be incorporated into electric motor designs that increases power density to high levels.

Field of use and intended applications:

Vehicle industry.

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