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We are seeking innovative production methods for Asynchronous Motors (ASM) or Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM). The desired method should have fast and cheap stator/rotor buildup and ideally would enable a high degree of freedom in stator/rotor design. Additional benefits would be integration of stator/rotor cooling, e-motor winding technology or easy winding of the motor, and use of stator/rotor material which offers both high magnetic characteristics and high mechanical strength. Ideally permanent magnets are buried or mounted during production, or completely replaced.


State of the art Asynchronous Motors (ASM) or Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) stator/rotor have stacked magnetic sheet metal designs to minimize eddy current losses. Having a thin sheet metal thickness enables low losses but causes high production efforts. Usually a single sheet is stamped out, and if applicable will be hardened, stacked and connected. Even if the current modern production method is fast (up to 600 sheets per minute) an innovative production method for ASM/(PM)SM with high degree of automation is sought.


  • Comparable speed to modern production speeds (600 sheets per minute)
  • High degree of freedom in stator/rotor design
  • Easy winding of the motor
  • Freedom in design and integration of cooling (especially in notched area)
  • Cost neutral to existing technology
  • Rotor outer diameter approx. 60mm
  • Rotor active length approx. 120mm

Desired outcome of the solution:

An innovative production method for electric motors with a high degree of automation.

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