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This thick-film paste formulation contains silver, zinc oxide, and glass frit. In one formulation, the glass is leaded, and in another the glass is lead-free. The paste is particularly applicable to the photovoltaic industry. It offers excellent conductivity and excellent adherence, especially to silicon nitride substrates. The material can form the front, or solar-facing side, of a photovoltaic cell. The glass frit component helps the silver make contact with the underlying semiconductor, which in photovoltaics is usually on the other side of a blue anti-reflective layer that traps light, but which makes establishing good conductor contact problematic. When fired, the thick-film composition makes contact through the insulating layer. The technology originally was created by DuPont to establish better contact with the underlying semiconductor in PV systems, but has application in a wide variety of conductor applications, particularly when adhesion to a silicon nitride substrate is required.

Benefits Summary

A high-efficiency conductor for photovoltaic applications. o Formulations include both leaded glass frit and lead-free glass frit. o An excellent conductor. Offers excellent adherence to silicon nitride substrates. o The DuPont formulations may be printed in patterns. The material is easily tolled. more

Technology Differentiation and Uniqueness

The thick-film composition can be made in both a leaded and lead-free formulation. Lead is a problematic substance, and a lead-free formulation offers a “greener” alternative to virtually all thick-film pastes that include glass frit.

The DuPont formulations contain zinc oxide. PV conductor thick-film pastes without zinc oxide may not contact or adhere well to substrates the contain silicon nitride. This paste adheres exceptionally well to silicon nitride substrates.

The opposite of a photovoltaic cells arguably is an LED. The thick-film paste is also applicable to LEDs and other emissive applications.

Development Status Summary

The material was created by DuPont and tested. Samples may be created for serious parties.

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