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TEPCO Power Grid, Inc. needs a technology that can remove debris (such as vinyl, non-woven fabrics, etc.) that gets caught on power lines. When such debris is long, it can become entangled in multiple power lines, which creates the risk of short circuits. Typically, removing such debris requires cutting the power to the transmission line, so that a worker can cut through the material and then collect it. In some situations, however, it may not be possible to shut down the power lines, hence the need for a method of removal that would not require cutting power.

Examples of Debris on Power Lines

Summary of Technology of Interest

We are seeking a solution that can remove flying debris from power lines. We are particularly interested in technologies that can remove the material without shutting down the transmission lines. We are also interested in proposals from different industries and fields as well as methods that draw on existing technologies.
The project is not meant to apply to the removal of small objects such as kites, since there is already a method for removing such objects from live power lines.


  • Ability to cut and remove agricultural plastic and/or non-woven sheets, not kites
  • Capable of performing live work on high-voltage transmission lines (voltage: 66 to 500 kV) at a height
    of 10 to 60 m above ground level
  • Size: If the equipment needs to be carried by a person to the top of the local tower, it should be small
    (max. 20 kg)


Information Requested for Technical Evaluation

  • Electromagnetic immunity and high voltage resistance
  • Product weight and size
  • Experience with working on or evaluating live lines


Stage of Development

Solutions do not necessarily have to be immediately marketable, but we prefer technologies that would
be available within a few years, at the latest.
We will also consider solutions that require further development or can be solved by combining multiple
technologies (including those of other companies).

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Cover Photo by Andy Tang on Unsplash

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