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a plastic bottle in the ocean


This organization is seeking to identify plastic pollution offseting programs alongside technologies or other organizations that remove and transform ocean plastics or prevent plastics from entering the ocean.


This organization has assets which contain plastics located in the ocean. Initial research has shown there may be an environmental benefit to leaving these assets in the ocean. To ensure there is an overall environmental benefit, this organization wishes to identify potential plastic offsetting approaches which will allow for their assets to remain in-situ.


Solutions should:

  • Be traceable and certified – able to produce documentation to show plastic traceability.
  • Remove and/or prevent plastic pollution in the ocean (land-based solutions are also of secondary interest)
  • Have the ability or potential future capability to process plastic at a tonne-scale.


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Plastic offsetting programs
  • Marine plastic removal technologies
  • Marine plastic leakage prevention technologies
  • Services preventing plastic entering the ocean
  • Novel technologies targeting marine ocean microplastics


Desired outcome of the solution:

Partnership with an organization able to operate a plastic pollution offsetting program on the scale required (or with capability to scale).


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Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

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