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A yet2 client seeks innovative solutions for household water recycling and reuse, and technologies that give consumers more knowledge about their home water usage.


Solutions Must

  • Be suitable for household/residential use.
  • Demonstrate clear sustainability benefits (e.g. less water usage, energy savings, prevention of micro-plastics entering water system etc.)

Solutions Should

  • Be able to process fresh and used water.
  • Be suitable for installation by the consumer or for integration into white goods by an appliance manufacturer.

Standalone filtration devices are not of interest.

Possible Solution Areas

Include but are not limited to:

  • Water softening technologies.
  • Drinking water conditioning.
  • Grey water storage and reuse.
  • Household water consumption reducing device.
  • Digital platforms allowing users to track water usage interactively.
  • Water quality sensors


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Open to various partnership models including joint development of household water recycling and reuse systems.

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