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Zeon’s water-white, low-odor, low-VOC, hydrocarbon resin, Quintone DX590 can be used for a variety of functions, including:

  1. Increase viscosity while promoting stability in oil-based lubricants.
  2. Bind  additives in plastic, rubber, and ceramic composite compounds.
  3. Improve blending of resins and inorganic materials.
  4. Impart hydrophobicity and tack-in cured polymer products.


The key differentiator of this technology is achieving these functionalities while minimizing or eliminating unwanted odor, color change, and loss of stability in the host compound. Based on favorable initial market testing, Zeon is focusing continued application development on the oil-based lubricant viscosity modification use case, and seeks partners in this application space.


Key Features and Competitive Advantages 

  • Compatible with oil-based compounds due to adjustable polarity
  • Low VOC (tested against H-DCPD via headspace chromatography)
  • Cost is less than HH-DCPD/C9 (approximately the same cost as H-DCPD/C9)
  • Increases tackiness/friction in cured polymers
  • Light color: <1 on the Gardner Color scale
  • Softening point 93 °C
  • Tg of 40 – 45 °C
  • Supplied in pellet form


Figure 1: DX590 compared to H-DCPD/C9. DX590 offers comparatively low VOC, similar odor, cost, heat stability, and increased adhesive performance compared to H-DCPD/C9. DX590 is a strong choice for the HMPSA formulations.


Technology Description

Quintone DX590 is a hydrogenated aliphatic C5/C9 hydrocarbon resin produced using highly purified monomers, proprietary to Zeon. A copolymer of one monomer having five (5) carbon atoms and another monomer having nine (9) carbon atoms, DX590 is nearly ‘white’ in color, scoring less than 1 on the Gardner Color scale. Unlike other hydrogenated resins which are based on DCPD or C9, DX590 is a hydrogenated resin based on 1,3 pentadiene. The newest addition to Zeon’s Quintone product line-up of C5, C5/C9 derivatives, DX590 was specifically designed to meet the needs of clients seeking an additive with reduced VOC and odor.  Its low VOC makes it superior to DCPD, which has an acrid odor… especially in consumer or automotive applications.


Oil-based Lubricant Modification Application

One of the applications that has been seen to derive significant utility from DX590 is the viscosity modification of oil-based lubricants. Feedback in this application area has highlighted that the solid pellet form, high molecular weight, and softening point around 90 °C all contribute to easy processing and modification of existing compounds.

Additional information on key features and competitive advantages are provided in the Supporting Test Data section below.


Market Status

Quintone DX590 is currently produced at small volume commercial scale. The product is available for purchase and samples are available upon request.


Partnership Opportunities

Zeon Corporation seeks companies open to sharing specific application requirements and needs to guide application development of the DX590 product and the whole Quintone product line. Specific focus is on the oil-based lubricant application space and is offering development partners, interested in evaluating and providing feedback on the resin, favorable commercial terms when purchased for use in improved and new products.


Company Overview

ZEON CORPORATION is a $3.3B, 3,300-person chemical company founded in 1950 focused on specialty elastomers, polymers, and chemicals .  The company produces a variety of products including high nitrile rubber that can be used in strong cements and adhesives, acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer latex, resins and other rubber additives.

Supporting Test Data

Figure 2: Specifications of DX590 compared with other popular Quintone (hydrocarbon resin) products


Figure 3: DX590 compared to competitive products: Company-A H-DCPD; Company-A HH-DCPD; Company-B HH-DCPD/C9; Company-C HH-C9


Figure 4: Comparison of DX590, DX390N and H-DCPD. As indicated in the graph, the total peak area of GC is low, indicating that the total amount of volatile components of DX590 is small.


Figure 5: Full Quintone Product Line-up

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