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The Office of Data Science and Health Informatics (ODSHI) at the National Eye Institute (NEI), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is seeking nascent and existing approaches to assess the impact of data sharing, with a specific focus on primary data. This encompasses various types of information, including sequence data, software, and datasets, among others.


In early 2023, the NIH implemented the agency’s Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Policy to promote the dissemination of scientific data and accelerate progress in biomedical research. As a method to encourage compliance and enhance data quality, NEI is interested in exploring emerging and established methods being developed across the globe to evaluate the impact of data sharing in scientific and engineering research fields including biomedical, clinical, social & behavioral, and data sciences, among others, and provide insights to authors about data use.

Possible Solution Areas:

  • Individual-level assessment metrics (e.g. a sharing or s-Index similar to Hirsh or h- index- like level metrics)
  • Dataset use metrics (consideration of citations and provenance tracking)


Desired outcome of the solution:

  • NEI seeks to better understand the landscape of approaches to assess the impact of primary data sharing.


Field of use and intended applications:

  • Biomedical Engineering & Biophysics
  • Biotechnology
  • Informatics
  • Health Disparities Research
  • Data Science, including Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Physical sciences



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