yet2 Initiates Licensing of Wave Domain’s WORF Permanent Digital Data Archiving Technology

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Wave Domain, LLC retains yet2 to engage with the world’s leading data storage and archiving companies for purposes of facilitating the licensing of its WORF (Write Once, Read Forever) permanent archiving technology. It is yet2’s intention to transact a license before the end of the third quarter of 2023.

WALTHAM, MA, USA – Thursday 18th May 2023 – Wave Domain has chosen yet2, to license its WORFTM (Write Once, Read Forever) permanent archiving technology.

WORF is a game-changing data writing, storing, reading, and protecting technology that preserves digital data permanently…and in a way that is far more economically and environmentally sustainable than any known data storage system. More specifically, WORF stores fully-intact and preserved data for many hundreds of years with zero potential of erasure, corruption or hacking. Because WORF media never needs to be re-written or replaced and requires no energy-consuming environmental controls, WORF saves more than 80% of total media and energy costs and reduces archiving-associated carbon footprint by over 90% compared to the best archival media in use today.

How is this possible? According to Richard Solomon, WORF Co-Inventor and Wave Domain Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer, “WORF re-purposes and combines two amazing technologies…

  • We discovered that a 130-year-old Nobel Prize winning breakthrough used to create the first color photographs using stored light waves can be repurposed to produce media that store data. Colored light exposes photo-reactive molecules in the media, converting them into fixed, physical representations of each color’s wavelength…without dyes. Three bytes of data are stored per location (vs. one bit per location for other media). The exposed WORF Media is set permanently, it cannot be erased or changed, and it never fades.
  • WORF DriveTM is a new way of writing data using controlled colored light and common, inexpensive electronic components used in billions of widely-available devices today. Firmware reads digital data (of all types) and configures it for storing in color format; it instructs the system components to illuminate the light-sensitive media with chosen colors, thereby controlling the wavelengths stored in each pixel location. Once written to the media, WORF Drive can read the data using the key elements of the recording algorithms, in reverse, reconstituting the original digital data perfectly.”

The inventors, along with DARPA, NASA and other U.S. government agencies have invested several million dollars in demonstrating and proving out each element of WORF media and WORF Drive. In fact, it was WORF media that was tested by NASA on the International Space Station (ISS) for the HELIOS (Hardened Extremely Long-Life Information Optical Storage) project…an eight-month mission, splashing down in January 2020, validating that WORF media survives “all critical parameters for harsh space-based environments, including microgravity and ionizing radiation.”

WORF is patent-protected, with additional IP pending. WORF is not yet a fully-functional product. Product development is straightforward and not terribly costly.

Wave Domain seeks to license its WORF technology, IP and know-how to one or more firms having a strategic commitment to permanent data archiving. The inventors will be available to provide the technical support needed to produce a product.

Eric Rosenthal, WORF Co-Inventor and Wave Domain Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer summed-up the WORF value proposition in this way; “We have worked long and hard on creating a permanent digital archiving media and reader/writer system that solves the problem of storing large amounts of digital data in perpetuity at low cost. The ever-increasing volume of data archived by corporate, governmental and historical organizations cannot be sustained using impermanent, costly, and energy-consuming magnetic media and cloud storage. Permanent storage and certain accessibility are in jeopardy and both the cost and the environmental impact are unsustainable. WORF is the only truly immutable archival data storage technology. And, we are thrilled, in 2023, to make it available for license to the industry.”

Bob Miller, yet2 Vice President commented, “Only the inventors from Wave Domain, with their specific and complementary knowledge and experience, could have conceived and demonstrated this brilliant, elegant solution to the evolving crisis befalling those needing to keep treasured data safely stored at low cost in perpetuity. At yet2, our job is to make sure we reach the future leaders and champions for WORF and share its value proposition and the wide-ranging commercial opportunity it represents.”

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About Wave Domain

Wave Domain, LLC has been in deep stealth mode. This team of accomplished inventors, individually and together, apply their deep knowledge of electronics, physical chemistry, data storage, wave-based imaging and human vision, have a rich track record of inventing and developing foundational, enabling, hugely impactful technologies used every day in high-definition TV, magnetic data storage, voice-over-IP, broadcasting and reflective signage. Over recent years, they invented, demonstrated, de-risked and protected WORF technology. Now they seek to license the technology to visionaries seeking practical, economically and environmentally sustainable solutions for very long-term data archiving.


About yet2

yet2 operates at the hub of global technology innovation. Since 1999, we have been an Open Innovation services company. Leveraging our global network of affiliates, Global 1000 corporate clients, our large proprietary database of promising startups and solution providers, and our offices in North America, Europe and Asia, yet2 provides hands-on open innovation services to clients across the globe. We specialize in technology scouting in a variety of forms (topic specific deep search, strategic deal flow, innovation tours, OI portal management and OI training) and in technology licensing. Over the years, we have brought hundreds of millions of dollars in value to our clients in life sciences and consumer health, industrial/chemicals/materials, electronics, aerospace/defense, digital/big data, oil/gas and energy, and food/beverage. Learn more about yet2 by visiting


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