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Our client, a large petrochemical company, is seeking potential partners (e.g. manufacturers, suppliers) with access to polylactic acid (PLA) technology and a proprietary lactic acid (LA) production process.

A specific area of interest would be potential partners specializing in the production of polymerization quality LA, that is cost competitive with existing commercial offerings.

Our client is also interested in potential partners with cost competitive, advanced technologies relating to the production of LA and PLA and in companies/start-ups/scientific groups who own technology ready for commercialization.

Potential partners may also be required to set up/collaborate on research for further enhancement of the technology.

Requirements of Interest:

  • Access to a high-quality polymer grade LA
  • Access to subsequent polymerization processes (high purity PLA)
  • Mature technology (high TRL index)
  • Cost efficient: economically competitive compared to existing technologies

Possible Solution Areas:

  • Industrial biotechnology, lactic acid, polymerisation.

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