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yet2 client is interested in partnering with companies that have handheld at home-use devices that provide medical benefits for face and body skincare.


Our client is interested in expanding their current portfolio to be able to make medical claims regarding skincare benefits. They are open to various indications provided that the devices have completed, or are planning to complete, 510k clearance. While there are many devices in the market today for beauty applications, those with demonstrated efficacy are most interesting.



  • Solutions must provide an aesthetic benefit, preferably in conjunction with a long-term health benefit
  • Clinical validation with pathway to 510k approval, at minimal, with a working prototype
  • Devices should be backed by IP

Additional desirable features include:

  • Information about validation studies, regulatory filings, and/or health claims, as applicable
  • Devices that provide an aesthetic derm benefit, for example: body slimming/cellulite, acne, lifting, eczema, or other face/body improvements
  • Devices with a unique technological approach

Solution types exclude:

  • LEDs for acne, hair removal devices
  • Undifferentiated devices or those that are unable to make medical claims


Desired outcome of the solution:

Our client is open to a variety of partnership opportunities to be discussed on an individual basis.


Field of use and intended applications:

Information and relationships formed during the project will be used to guide future strategy and implementation of future product offerings.

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