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Offering: Natural Antimicrobial for Licensing or Acquisition: Suds covered hands with a line icon of two leaves in the top right corner yet2 announces on behalf of a client that a natural antimicrobial ingredient (concentrate) and associated formulated products are available for acquisition. Combined, these assets offer the licensee/buyer a turnkey platform on which to build a full line of patent protected, plant-derived products across product families.

The products are designed to meet the needs of consumers and those of personal care and home care brand manufacturers.  Formats include emulsions, concentrates ready for formulation into finished products, and consumer products: an antibacterial soap, a cleansing lotion, and a cleansing spray.


The technology is patented, and the formulations are all natural, triclosan free, and sustainable. They offer longer-lasting multispectrum efficacy against COVID-19, norovirus, MRSA, E. coli and others. They contain no harsh chemicals and are dermatologically safe.

The ingredient is:

  • Designed to be easily incorporated into various water-based formulations. Highly miscible into multiple aqueous solutions, emulsions and gels.
  • Usable in improved quat or alcohol-based products.
  • Compatible with commercially available scents (essential oils), colorants, thickeners, stabilizers and formulas containing salts, surfactants, and humectants.
  • Shown to have minimal impact on the viscosity of the finished product.
  • Effective in finished formulas using low concentrations of delivered active ingredients.
  • Stable in a broad pH and temperature range in the finished product.

The emulsion, the concentrate, and the finished products can be manufactured at commercial scale to well-defined specifications.

The assets include the listed patents, trademarks, the formulations (products and pre-products), formulation and processing know-how, trade secrets, extensive test data and regulatory insights. The formulations include (a) botanical active-based emulsions for broad use, (b) concentrates for formulation into consumer products, and (c) consumer products based on these.

Licensees/acquirers can expect to receive excellent support from technologists who developed the technology and are familiar with the materials and production processes and nuances about formulation variables and performance.

The client is open to a variety of deal structures.


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