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We are seeking material and process technologies that will insulate against heat gain or actively reduce temperature of liquids contained in glass bottles or metal cans. Solutions (e.g. phase change/insulation materials etc) that can easily be coated on to the inside or outside of the bottle or cans on a fast moving production line, whilst ensuring the premium look of the end product, would be of interest. Processes that enable the printing, coating, spraying of thick foam like or phase change materials are also of interest.


Beverages when served cold quickly heat up during consumption as heat is transferred from the hand to the liquid container. We would like to enable beverages to stay colder longer during consumption either through minimizing heat gain by the liquid or actively reducing the temperature of the liquid. This can be achieved via a variety of solutions however we are focusing on phase change and insulation materials and/or process that enable the coating of the those materials on metal or glass.

Potential Solution Areas:

  • Phase Change Materials
  • Insulation materials
  • Aerogels
  • Cooling Hydrogels
  • Foaming Polymers
  • Novel coating/printing technologies enabling coating/printing of phase change/insulation materials.
  • Material technologies for thermal control from diverse industrial sectors-construction/buildings, fire proofing, foods/beverages, paints/coatings etc.


  • Beverage to stay under 10 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes whilst being handled
  • Material must not be more than 250 microns thick to have insulating effect
  • Material must look good and ideally enable printing
  • Food grade if an internal solution
  • Withstand pasteurization

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