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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is seeking programmable delivery systems for genome editors that can target specific tissues and/or cell types.


While gene therapy and gene editing technologies are becoming more widely known, available and tested, there remain significant challenges to unlock their full potential. Of high interest to further this technology space are delivery systems that can be altered/programmed/designed to target specific cell types and/or tissues.


Technologies will ideally:

  • Have in vivo proof of concept in mammals
  • Can be programmed to target 3+ cell or tissue types
  • Capable of delivering macromolecules such as genome editors
  • The relationship between the changes to the delivery systems and the delivery specificity has a discernible mechanism.


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Gene editing
  • Gene therapy
  • Gene silencing
  • Drug development


Desired outcome of the solution:

The NIH seeks to better understand the landscape of programmable delivery technologies capable of delivering genome editors that might ultimately be used in vivo in the clinic.

Related Tech Needs:


Photo by Sangharsh Lohakare on Unsplash

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