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Milk Chocolate

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Identification of an analytical methodology/tool to quickly, reliably, and robustly compare aroma profiles of milk chocolates.


Oftentimes, the question arises whether the aroma profile of two chocolates is the same, or which aroma profile of a set of given chocolates is closest to the target aroma profile. Sensory evaluations require quite large amounts of resources and are time intensive. Therefore, we are looking for an analytical method/tool that can quickly, reliably, and robustly group milk chocolates based on their aroma profiles.

Key Success Criteria

  • An analytical method that can group/classify milk chocolates based on their aroma profile (i.e. determine whether the aroma profile is the same, slightly different, or very different)
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate 60 samples per day
  • Robust and repeatable results


What We Aren’t Interested In

  • Methods/tools that show significant drift over time and therefore require regular, extensive re-calibration
  • Methods/tools that are not already available and need to be developed


Preferred Collaboration Types

We are only keen to explore commercially available technologies that meet the above criteria.

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