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On behalf of our client, Medtronic, yet2 announces that a novel polymer-free, drug-eluting stent (PFDES) technology is now available for license or acquisition.  

The subject IP and technology were designed and developed in-house at Medtronic with an objective of commercializing drug-filled coronary stents (a.k.a., polymer-free drug eluting coronary stents) that overcome some of the drawbacks of polymer-coated stents in the market today.  Medtronic believes that the properties, features and benefits offered by this technology may be of great interest to others for use in drug-filled coronary, peripheral and other stents and in other implantable medical devices.

Value Proposition

Zero polymer exposure and associated potential inflammation, Increased potential for short-term DAPT, Delivery of an extremely broad range of single and multiple therapeutic agents, Controlled elution duration, Maintenance of acute performance: deliverability, radiopacity, longitudinal deformation resistance, Premium product positioning opportunity

Market Needs Addressed

Medtronic’s drug-filled stent technology fulfills a dream of enabling controlled drug elution from a polymer-free system.  Polymer-coated drug-eluting stents are ubiquitous in the market.  However, they have some shortcomings, the most serious of which are that some patients exhibit an inflammatory response, which can lead to restenosis, delayed healing and endothelialization, and other negative outcomes. Furthermore, there is limited freedom to modify the diffusion-driven release profiles from these coatings.  And, some therapeutic agents are not readily solubilized in the polymer coatings and, therefore, cannot be applied to the treated site.

This technology offers excellent potential in drug-eluting stents, including:

  • coronary stents
  • peripheral stents
  • stents for non-cardiovascular applications, such as urological, respiratory, gastrointestinal, biliary and/or intracranial uses

Tags: Medical Device, MedTech

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