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Colgate is seeking sustainable packaging solutions that can be applied to bar soaps that will dissolve in cold water. Solutions will not require bar soap packaging to be thrown out or recycled but will avoid extra waste without placing additional pressure on the environment.

Dissolvable packaging solutions need to allow for printing so we can add Brand, Variant, communication, bar code, ingredients and all the info needed to commercialize the product in stores.


Sustainability, recyclability and unnecessary waste are important to consumers when selecting a brand. We want Palmolive bar soap to lead in sustainability as recycling can be problematic due to the long lifespan of plastics (even those designed to be recyclable), disposing of them is difficult and can place huge pressure on resources and the environment.

Key Success Criteria

Solutions should be:

  • Be composed from biodegradable technology
  • Reliable quality
  • Originating from a clean and renewable source
  • Allow for printing

Possible Approaches

  • Novel naturally occurring ingredients
  • Packaging for alternative products with personal care/cosmetic uses

Development Stage

Solution should have a viable prototype/proof of concept with IP

Approaches Not of Interest

  • Solutions that dissolve to contaminants and cannot be recycled.
  • Any technology that is not compatible with a bar soap
  • Theoretical ideas that have not tested

Preferred Collaboration Types

To partner with a start-up company, inventor, university, etc. for licensing, joint development, material supply or test and learn.


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