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Our client is seeking technologies capable of sealing or closing the end of edible tubing in an industrial environment. Methods currently used involve knotting and tying, and heat treatment. The organization is looking to improve on currently used methods or discover fresh approaches.

Seeking novel sealing or closure technologies for thin edible material.Click To Tweet


  • The solution should be capable of operating at a high speed.
  • The solution should be capable of operating with a high throughput of material.
  • The solution should be food safe or eventually need to be food safe.


Possible Technology Solution Areas

Potential approaches may include technologies that are in development or commercially available that are able to effectively seal/close the end of the edible tubing.

Solution areas may include but are not limited to:

  • Dexterous robotics
  • Tying and knotting mechanisms
  • Heat treatment
  • Chemical or adhesive
  • Ultrasonics
  • Light


Desired outcome of the solution

The organization would prefer a solution that is already on the market to roll out into their environment but are open to approaches in development.