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patient in a blue hospital gown holding a cell phone while sitting


This organization is seeking patient engagement software solutions and/or software integrators globally that could enable the rapid deployment of a HIPAA complaint tech-enabled engagement solution for all patient facing services including patient support enrollment, educational materials for disease awareness, training on the use of the medical therapy, access to patient navigators or clinical educators and guidance on patient assistance programs.


Educational resources and ongoing support services for patients with chronic conditions have been shown to greatly improve patient outcomes. Targeted and frequent interactions with patients allows pharmaceutical companies and health care providers to deliver more personalized care, promotes patient therapy adherence and improves responsiveness to any change in the patient’s circumstances, health or otherwise.


The patient engagement solution should:

  • Support access from any device (phone, tablet or computer), meeting patients where they are
  • Provide omnichannel communication with patients, families, and providers, including email, SMS/text, and mobile/ wearable device integration
  • Provide seamless sign up/log in without requiring the patient to setup a site specific user name and password (e.g. sign in using google, windows or social media ID)
  • Offer “personalized” content, appropriate for each patient segment, that assists them in learning more about their disease
  • Offer educational content on how to properly use their medications
  • Promote patient compliance through encouragement of ongoing use and access by the patient
  • Inform patients of potential financial assistance programs such as copay cards, institutional assistance for uninsured or underinsured patients, etc.
  • Allow copay enrollment, copay balance status, uploading of receipts
  • Provide a convenient and empathetic patient experience
  • Easily integrate with BI patient support partner(s)
  • Be HIPAA Compliant or able to become so
  • Offer dosage reminders, appointment reminders and scheduling


Additional aspects desired:

  • Ability to integrate with or leverage patient day-to-day apps such as calendar, Apple Health, Medisafe or others TBD
  • Pattern recognition of patient preferences (e.g. responds to texts rather than email, only picks up calls after 9pm at night, etc.)
  • Track the effect of other drivers of health (education, employment, access to healthy food, access to transportation, stable housing, mood, etc.)


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Patient marketing technology platforms
  • Patient data management platforms
  • Patient data analytics platforms
  • Patient centric health data aggregators
  • Digital therapeutics


Desired outcome of the solution:

A patient engagement platform meeting the above criteria that will be ready to support patients by June 2023.


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