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This organization is seeking electric tools and manipulation technologies for a harsh industrial environment.


Hydraulic tools and manipulators are currently being utilized for high pressure and extreme environment needs. As the field is moving towards all-electric components our client is interested in all electric tools and manipulation technologies that could be used currently as well as those in development. While the highest interest is in the tools/manipulators themselves, there is also an interest in technologies that can be used to control them.


  • The tools and manipulators will need work in a setting with the following challenges
    • Large loads
    • Corrosive environment
    • High pressure
    • Extreme temperatures
    • High-torque
    • Modular set-ups
  • Open to all stages of development from research level to commercially available

Possible Solution Areas:

robotic arms/humanoid hands, electric actuators, machine vision & analysis, software control, robot-worker interaction technologies

Relevant Industries:

military, aerospace, nuclear, oil & gas/mining

Desired outcome of the solution:

Looking for partners who are developing or making the technology.

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