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A yet2 client is seeking a clean label replacement alternative to methyl cellulose, preferable at a 1:1 direct product replacement ratio, however a combination of materials will also be considered.  Methyl cellulose is a complex material with multiple functionalities in food preparation including thickening, stabilizing, gelling, emulsifying and binding purposes. In this instance it also plays an important role in sensory, contributing to the texture and softening of the product due to its unique property to set as a gel when hot, and then melt (soften) when cool. This solution must be clean label, vegan, neutral colour and flavour,


Methyl cellulose is a white odorless powder derived from cellulose through heating with a caustic(alkali) solution and treatment with methyl chloride. It is used as a thickener, stabilizer, emulsifier, and binding agent in various food under both low and high temperatures. However, due to the chemical treatment during manufacture, methyl cellulose is not perceived as a natural and clean ingredient. Our client is seeking clean label alternatives that can replicate the same qualities of methyl cellulose in food preparation.


Solutions Must:

  • Be clean label, vegan, and Non-GMO
  • Be neutral in colour and flavour
  • Be stable under both low and high temperatures (-40 to 195 ℃).
  • Replicate all or multiple functions of methyl cellulose in food preparation, including thickening, stabilizing, gelling, emulsifying and binding

Ideally a Solution Will:

  • Replicate all the functional properties of methyl cellulose in one solution rather than a mixture of ingredients, however solutions that can replicate multiple functional properties will be considered

Possible Solution Areas:

  • Natural fibers, such as citrus fiber

Desired Outcome of the Solution

Client is seeking to replace methyl cellulose currently used in a large range of their food product portfolio. They are open to test and co-development.

Field of use and Intended Applications

Food preparation.

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