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Road Traffic Incident Risk Mitigation Technologies-Car wreck on the side of the road with a tow truck and debris on the road

A yet2 client is seeking driver safety measures that mitigate road traffic incidents such as, but not limited to, rollovers and collisions for a range of vehicles as well as jack-knifing for trucks hauling trailers. Potential solution that addresses the following areas are of interest:

  • Vehicle Blind spots
  • Road/Weather conditions – Journey Risk Assessment
  • Driver fatigue/Health Surveillance Program
  • Driver Alertness
  • Driver training


Transportation and driving are one of the most common areas for hazardous incidents to occur in the workplace. Road traffic incidents can occur for numerous reasons including driver alertness, vehicle blind spots, and adverse driving conditions. To minimize these hazardous incidents in the workplace novel solutions targeting the factors associated with road traffic incidents are required.


  • Solutions should ideally have minimal concerns for privacy and private data collection.
  • Ideally solutions can (in the future) be considered to meet ATEX Zone 2 requirements but this is not essential and non-ATEX solutions will also be fully welcomed in this challenge.

Possible Solution Areas Include

(but are not limited to)

  • Risk management AI
  • GPS
  • VR training
  • Vehicle risk management attachments
  • Weather detection
  • Hazard identification
  • Fatigue tracking
  • Alertness measurement
  • Rollover prevention/detection


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Photo Credit: Andy Kreyche from Pixabay

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