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Kimberly-Clark Corporation is offering for license patented technology that can be used for skin or hard surface cleaning. The technology is a combination of water dispersible foam and a cleaning formulation that delivers solution where it’s needed. Benefits of this delivery system include:

  • task specific portioning – use what you need, when you need it
  • custom shapes – endless form factor options to promote task specific cleaning
  • packaging & transportation – dry cleaning formulation saves on weight
  • controlled release of cleaning solutions – optimized for task
  • multitude of shapes, colors, and cleaners can be used to promote many different cleaning occasions

Intellectual Assets being offered for license include:

  • US Patent 7,612,031, entitled Health-and-Hygiene Appliance Comprising A Dispersible Component and A Releasable Component Disposed Adjacent or Proximate to Said Dispersible Component; and Processes for Making Said Appliance
  • Additionally, equivalent granted patents or patent applications are available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa and UK.

Advantages & Features

  • Ideally suited as a single event or task – specific cleaner
  • Exfoliates while delivering soap to the skin
  • Uses sustainable, non-petroleum sourced materials (claim exclusive of cleaner)
  • Non-marring foam matrix ideal for delicate surface care of porcelain or enameled surfaces without being too aggressive
  • Could be advertised as flushable (via size or dispersion per final form factor)
  • Marketable as a non-scratch basin or bowl cleaner — flush or rinses away with the mess down the drain
  • Enables delivery of a wide range of cleansers based on task or use
  • Endless range of sizes and form factors based on task or use
  • Dispersion and/or cleanser decay rate can be optimized based on task or use
  • Cleaner may be pre-scored or perforated to allow customer to break off exact size needed for task

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