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A yet2 client is conducting a detailed search of key market players in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and/or advanced Machine Learning applied to human biology and/or formulation innovation. The goal is to build up a knowledge base of organizations that could offer future partnerships or custom development of novel AI methodologies/software.



AI is a rapidly evolving and expanding field that is expected to have a very significant impact on consumer product development. The use of AI and increased digitalization allows for rapid response to new challenges by unlocking new levels of capability and consumer centricity.



  • Academic groups and smaller companies/start-ups are of interest.
    • Consultants in the spaces of applied AI for biology or product innovation are also of interest.
  • Solutions must have proof-of-concept data or case studies


Desired outcome of the solution:

  • To apply solution provider capabilities or technologies to internal innovation projects
  • Build new internal capabilities/methodologies via collaborative projects


Field of use and intended applications:

  • Human biology – provide mechanistic and deep insight into consumer health conditions (e.g., related to hair, skin, oral care) through leveraging biological data
  • Microbiome – provide insight into microbiome interactions with human surfaces with an aim to improve/enhance consumer formulations and benefits
  • Ingredient and formulation innovation – translate biological data and insights into actionable product changes
  • Consumer/sensory insights


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Image by Steven Johnson on Unsplash

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