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The market for products in the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing quickly. According to an article in Forbes (27 November 2016 ), IoT market estimates range from $3.7B USD to $470B USD by 2020, with billions of devices collecting data. The article reports that there is a growing focus on using sensor-based data both for consumers and industry.

Omron believes that this wealth of data will be captured and traded in an open market. We want to help enable and develop that market with partner organizations.

Currently, there exist IoT platform vendors who supply sensing data, but that data is trapped by proprietary platforms, and the data cannot easily be offered to or used by others. As only one example, Omron possesses a large volume of data on blood pressure readings in Japan, but this data is rarely if ever used beyond Omron.


Omron would like to help IoT platform vendors develop and operate “Open IoT Platform” services in which various sensing data can be supplied to users in multiple industries. Omron owns key patents around a Sensing Data Trading Market (SDTM); such patents may help build an Open IoT service platform.

We are also interested in developing unique sensors for specific sensing applications under this platform.

We believe that an Open IoT Platform and data exchange will benefit consumers, industry, and the manufacturers of the sensors. Omron is looking for partners to help build an open market for IoT sensor data trading.

Benefits Summary

  • Develops an Open IoT sensing data marketplace.
  • Frees sensing data from being trapped in “silos.”
  • Helps monetize data collected by consumer and industrial sensors.

Development Summary

Under active development.

IP Summary

This technology is supported by 2 US patents.

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