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People’s eating habits are changing

When choosing what foods and drinks to buy, most people consider taste as the first priority. But more and more consumers also want to know that the products they’re buying are nutritious and healthy, have limited environmental impact, and that people have been treated well when making the products.

The scientific basis for future diets that are healthy for both people and the planet was published in 2019 by the EAT-Lancet Commission. This marked a significant step forward in building global consensus and collaborative action around food system transformation. The report showed that increased consumption of plant-based diets could reduce emissions by up to 80%. And it concluded that dietary changes from current diets to more plant-based meals are likely to substantially benefit human health.

  • We believe in nutritious diets that include more variety, more seasonal foods, fruit and vegetables, legumes, wholegrains and healthy oils, less meat and more plant-based options.
  • We want to increase our portfolio of plant-based products, especially for people who want to eat less meat or no animal-based products at all.



We are looking for:

  • Vegan plant-based protein ingredients for usage in Ice Cream applications, that can fit within our current manufacturing processes with neutral taste and no negative textural attributes
  • Vegan, natural proteins and/or fibres that can support formation and shaping of dough by binding other ingredients before baking in meat analogue products
  • Vegan, natural proteins and/or fibres that can act as building blocks and give a texture similar to meat before baking in meat analogue products


Desired Outcome

  • Vegan status
  • More sustainable than from animal sources, now and in the future
  • Natural labelling
  • Available in dry form
  • Unilever is open to a range of collaboration types


What We Aren’t Interested In

  • Animal testing
  • Genetically modified
  • E-numbers
  • Animal-based ingredients


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