yet2 Awarded Open Innovation and Technology Scouting Services Contract by NASA

yet2 will be the sole provider of tech scouting for NASA for the next 5 years.

yet2, a global Open Innovation services company, has been awarded a contract under NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI) with a potential value of $2.5M over the next five years. Through NASA’s CoECI, this scouting service can be enabled for any other US Government agency through an Interagency Agreement and has already been leveraged by NIST and the EPA.

Open Innovation is a process through which organizations leverage the best ideas from both inside and outside their organizations to accelerate development or growth. Scouting is the process of finding tangible technologies or capabilities from established businesses, academia, consortia and experts. Often such technologies have not yet been commercialized into products, but they are far more advanced than concepts or ideas.

“Technology is advancing so quickly in so many areas and it is vital that NASA have efficient ways of finding those emerging technologies that can help us advance on our challenges in space exploration,” says Steve Rader, Deputy Manager of NASA’s CoECI. During the past three years, yet2 has helped NASA’s CoECI and partners to access hundreds of novel technologies spanning across more than a dozen projects.

yet2 has developed advanced methods to identify, contact and rank potential solution providers, supplying NASA with observations, recommendations and concrete action steps. Working through a proprietary database of technologies as well as a global network of technology providers, scouts and brokers, yet2 is able to tap into the newest innovations both on and off the market. Over the past three years of partnering with NASA, yet2 has scouted across imaging devices, hardware, additive manufacturing, computational improvement, in vitro metabolism, indoor localization, indoor mapping, image enhancement and other areas. NASA routinely rates yet2 services as exceptional.

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