A yet2 client is developing a line of natural brand toothpastes (with fluoride and fluoride-free variants) and seeks to potential contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) to support with the manufacturing of small batches of natural toothpaste (about 10,000 units/sku).  Initially the product will be launched in USA markets, but there is the potential to scale and expand to international markets as the line grows.  The small batch requirement together with a short timeframe creates a particular challenge.


  • yet2 conducted a global search for toothpaste Contract Manufacturing Organizations outside of the known client network, with capabilities to manufacture natural toothpaste in small batches. The focus was on CMOs located in the USA, however CMOs located outside the USA with the desired capabilities were also of interest.
  • yet2 identified 110+ candidates and filtered to a shortlist of 27 highly vetted leads by requesting additional information:
    • 1. Do you have experience with both Fluoride and F-free toothpaste?  Are your toothpaste ingredients naturally sourced?
    • 2. Do you have an already available solution? If not, can you simply tweak existing formulation?
    • 3. What are your scaling capabilities / MOQ (scale of the range of 1000s would be ok to start with)?
    • 4. What do you offer: CM / Private label or brand already? How do you operate (more on quality standards etc.)?
    • 5. What do you have any certifications or audits status from recognized health authorities?
  • Four companies demonstrated clear competency in natural toothpaste with MOQ around 10,000 units/sku and were of very high interest to the client.
  • yet2 facilitated the introductions for the client which enabled them to continue the discussions and evaluations.



yet2 client entered into a partnership with 1 of the CMOs for the manufacturing of natural toothpaste.


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