Imagine spending an evening with accomplished leaders drawn from the highest levels of business, finance, diplomacy, government, media, and the arts, gathered to propose creative and “non-obvious” solutions to challenges facing our world.

That is the vision behind our annual Non-Obvious Dinner, hosted by Ben duPont, Chartline Capital Partners, and yet2. This year’s dinner takes place on Tuesday, April 10, 6pm – 10pm at The Bell Event Centre.

Attendees are asked to speak for less than two minutes at their table about how they think the world will change in non-obvious ways in the next five years. Each table selects which idea to share with the full group. At the end of the evening, we will give awards for the best idea from each table, and a grand prize award for the best idea of the evening.

The RSVP period has closed – stay tuned for future opportunities.